Meet Our MetaExperts™

We are a highly skilled team of extreme talent operational excellence professionals, ready to help solve your most difficult business problems by ‘plugging in’ to your team to get things done – on demand.

 Client Alignment Specialists

Ron Crabtree

Chief Executive Officer
Organization Transformation Architect,CSCTA, CIRM, CSCP, LSSMBB, SCOR-P

Ron has more than 20,000 hours of experience in facilitating and leading change and improvement in all types of manufacturing, services organizations,and government.

Connie Card

Director, Executive Talent Architect

Connie is a strategic leader with passion for operational excellence and tactical execution. She brings 20+ years helping companies of all types excel and overcome obstacles.

Hire, Be: Extreme Talent & 'Get it Done'

Choose the Right Skill Level To Achieve theImprovement Result Required.

When engaging our MetaExperts, you are assured you will get the best-of-the-best, no matter the level of expertise you require


Extreme experts with 20 or more years of experience bring velocity to solving difficult organizational problems.


Expert with 10 plus years of experience, technical skills and industry knowledge to solve OpEx problems quickly.


Broad-range expert level talent are the arms and legs to ‘Get It Done’ and step in as part of your team overnight.


Experts skilled in creating and analyzing value stream maps, documentation, standard work, editing and formatting.

Engage a MetaExpert On DemandHow it works

Work with a Client Alignment Specialist to determine the skills needed to get the results.

We match the best MetaExpert for your budget, project length, culture and outcomes.

We guarantee the “Right Fit the First Time.” Test drive your expert 100% risk free.

MetaExperts offer flexibility and scalability no matter the level of support you require.

Access OpEx Talent Around the World.

Check Out Some of Our Top MetaExperts™

Vincent Wang


Mr. Vincent (Zhengkun) Wang has over 25 years of experience utilizing lean six sigma, Triz methodologies on real business results improvement.


Brunno is a Materials Engineer with 6 sigma-Green belt training. He has experience in corrosion prevention, developing projects to prevent and improve repairs in the field.
MetaExpert Michael

Michael G.

Michael is a hands-on Executive with in-depth skills in manufacturing with a proven successful history in team building, cost reduction, value analysis, and more.
MetaExpert Alan


Alan has over 20 years of experience designing and implementing products and processes for high-performance manufacturing systems.