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Paul Bohr, CEO – SSPG, Inc., Operational Excellence Executive and Consultant and developer of ExecQtion and MetaOps, Inc. has developed a partnership to offer MetaOps, Inc. MetaExperts™ customers a proven, well documented and comprehensive approach to end-to-end Supply Chain performance transformation. Bohr’s ExecQtion™ Playbook provides a leadership and supply chain transformation framework for deploying SCOR in tandem with nine other best practices including Lean Six Sigma and Organizational Change Management.

LeanCor Supply Chain Group is a trusted partner with a mission to advance the world’s supply chains. LeanCor’s three integrated divisions – LeanCor Training and Education, LeanCor Consulting, and LeanCor Logistics – specialize in lean principles to help organizations eliminate waste, drive down costs, and build operational excellence.

WaaS™ (Work-as-a-Service)-Workforce Optimization Technology, WaaS® provides essential data and technology to drive a measurable increase in value of both work and talent. WaaS dramatically reduces wasted work by continuously engaging and empowering teams and individuals to optimize their talents performing the greatest value work. WaaS® customers have achieved 15% increases in productivity. We’re bringing Collabworks to our clients as a useful tool and approach to maximizing the value of the workforce.

Cloud-based enterprise software solution with the advisory support that serves as the nerve center for CEOs and senior teams to implement strategic plans in complex organizations. We’re pleased to offer our clients a great tool for implementing your strategy and policy deployment as a implementation partner with Chief of Staff.

Lovecchio Consulitng – We help managers and professionals to obtain the most recognized global designations: APICS, CPIM and CSCP on operations and supply chain, IBF, CPF and ACPF on business forecasting & planning, PMI and PMP on project management. We are an engineering and management consulting firm specializing in supply chain, logistics, procurement, manufacturing, Lean and warehouse design. Lovecchio is a MetaExpert™, channel partner and Certified Supply Chain Transformation Architect for Europe.

TWI is a trusted resource for Training Within Industry (TWI), certification, coaching, networking, and education for the growing community of practitioners and trainers in the manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and service industries worldwide. It has created a large and rapidly expanding network of certified trainers delivering the TWI Program in the United States and across the globe. Their training provides in-depth and specific expertise around standard work on the shop floor that has been honed over hundreds of years of experience by the masters.

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