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Welcome to MetaPod, where we discuss operational execs and organizations that make and move stuff. 

No matter what we’re making and moving, we all have the same 3 headaches: digitization/digital transformation, the forever labor shortage, and doing more with less.
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At the heart of MetaPod is the concept of MetaOps™, a term that encapsulates our mission and vision. "Meta," derived from Greek, signifies going "above and beyond," while "Ops" stands for the essential processes businesses employ to deliver in-demand, value-added services and products to the market. This blend underlines our commitment to exploring and advocating for strategies that propel organizations beyond conventional operational excellence.

MetaPod embraces the MetaOps™ philosophy: the recognition that no single, one-size-fits-all solution exists for achieving business superiority. Instead, we focus on continuous Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Operational Excellence (OpEx) as the keystones for securing an organization's dominant stance in its market(s).

Ron Crabtree brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to MetaPod. Through engaging discussions with thought leaders and innovators, Ron unveils the myriad paths businesses can navigate to surpass traditional boundaries and achieve unprecedented success.

Latest Episodes

Explore the challenges of the forever labor shortage and strategic workforce stability with Ron Crabtree and Jim Bitterle on MetaPod. Dive into effective strategies to address labor shortages, the importance of talent retention, and innovative approaches to workforce management.
Explore digital transformation and supply chain optimization with Ron Crabtree and Sanjay Khunger on MetaPod. Dive into practical advice on AI integration, the impact of digital transformation, and managing data inconsistencies.
Every supply chain leader is juggling environmental, social, and governance issues every day. On this episode of MetaPod, Ron Crabtree and guest Simone Ross dive into the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the role of audits and certifications in maintaining supply chain integrity, and the critical need for comprehensive data collection and communication strategies.
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The Forever Labor Shortage

Doing More with Less


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