How to Achieve
Operational Excellence in the Private Equity Industry

As an executive in the private equity (PE) industry, you are likely to be working with consulting partners on an ongoing basis. You’ll be happy to know, then, that we have a global network of MetaExperts™ who are operational excellence experts specializing in your industry. In a time when exits are down but still robust, and fund-raising is good yet good deals are hard to find and close, you are challenged to:

  • Find buyouts with low capital loss rates and high medium-deal returns,
  • Acknowledge the high-price culture and adapt to it,
  • Determine the best way to invest in countries with economic challenges such as what Western Europe grapples with post Brexit,
  • Put more effort into finding good deals while closing less of them,
  • Make operational (not just financial) due diligence a top priority,
  • Become a data mining expert,
  • Anticipate disruptions that can change a company’s value overnight,
  • Define and design new models for value creation and risk management, and
  • Generally assume more risk.

Our MetaExperts™ are masters of applying operational excellence to these challenges and helping you dial in highly targeted returns rapidly.

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10X ROI Logistics Solution™ is a proprietary program created by Doug Sartain, MetaExperts Business Solutions Partner.

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