Guest Blog by MetaExpert Giuseppe Lovecchio: Key Elements of Communication for Achieving Operational Excellence

October 23, 2017

Business communications problems are at the heart of Operational Excellence performance. Statistics say that about 90% of time spent by managers is devoted to communication, so it is paramount to be prepared on this topic.

Of this communication, we know that about 70% is non-verbal, in terms of motion, posture, eye contact, and so on. Emotional intelligence can help to overcome the types of non-performing attitude that can result from bad communication. Additionally, in a multicultural environment, it is key to understand cultural barriers and how to overcome them through robust communication approaches.

Another key point in business communication is the use of "verbal" or "text" communication. Especially in a supplier/customer relationship, it is important to understand what communication channel the supplier or the customer prefers. In this way, the communication is facilitated because there is a capacity for adaptation.

Communication is not an easy task, especially in this interconnected business world. MetaExperts can help you improve this capability.

About Giuseppe Lovecchio:

Giuseppe is a certified CFPIM, CSCP, CLTD  by APICS and as a MetaExpert Certified Supply Chain Transformation Architect (CSCTA). He speaks fluent Italian, English, and French. He has extensive 30-year hands-on experience in many industries, first in Italy starting as a senior buyer for Azienda Energetica  (Aem) in Milan and assistant Purchasing Manager for Asea Brown Boveri. Then Giuseppe went to work with Allied Signal and Bosch as Purchasing  Manager and SAP project manager for six French plants. In 1998 he joined Alstom Transport where he was the supply chain director for railways plant in France, Belgium, Spain, UK, USA and Brazil, and then Deputy Managing Director. He participated in the “Class A” certification in MRP II and Lean in some plants. Since 2005 he is consultant and educator, performs an intensive activity for the successful application of supply chain and operations solutions with S&OP, LEAN, warehouse design and inventory optimization practical cases. He is an author of various publications in the field. He is an APICS Master CPIM & CSCP Instructor, PMP certified by PMI and  CMC certified by ICMCI.

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