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Faster Growth by Using Fractionalized Work

November 21, 2023
By Henning SchwinumNovember 21, 2023

Faster Growth by Using Fractionalized Work

Staffing up, particularly for executive positions, has conventionally involved the recruitment of a full-time team member. The timing of this phase often relied on the financial capacity to cover the comprehensive expenses of an individual equipped with all the essential experience, tenure, and connections necessary for excelling in the given role.

This approach led executive teams to commence with a modest size of two or three members, gradually expanding over time. Throughout this progression, each executive was compelled to manage a multitude of responsibilities, a phenomenon celebrated in the startup realm as being "scrappy" and maintaining a "lean" operation.

However, the practicality of shouldering numerous responsibilities, particularly in unfamiliar domains, contrasts significantly. The more responsibilities one assumes, the greater the difficulty and the risk of adverse outcomes, such as performance gaps. No matter the intensity of one's efforts, being excessively burdened leads to the inadvertent neglect of certain areas.

Consider the scenario of leaders who consistently find themselves overwhelmed – can they genuinely dedicate attention to strategic undertakings? Balancing a plethora of tasks impedes their capacity to influence long-term strategies, even if they are the brightest minds within the organization.

Embracing a strategy of expansive recruitment and substantial growth within executive teams has become antiquated. Conversely, we have already adopted a different approach in other aspects of our lives. The concept of taking incremental steps toward success prevails in personal development, mentorship, wealth accumulation, and the Kaizen philosophy. Within this context, the following maxims resonate:

  • Success is a progression of small steps, eventually creating monumental momentum.’
  • Small steps to a stable growth.’
  • Taking small steps to make a big impact.’
  • Small steps make big changes.’
  • Small steps add up.’
  • Small, consistent steps yield big results.’
  • The power of compounding can lead to significant long-term gains.’

Segmenting responsibilities at the executive echelon paves the way for a distinctive growth model. Instead of opting for substantial leaps in staffing, essential talents and proficiencies can be infused earlier and in appropriate measures. Business founders and proprietors need not postpone the inclusion of executive members until they can shoulder the complete financial commitment.

Consequently, the outcomes of embracing gradual advancements are not merely comparable, but they expedite growth:

  • Requisite skills are available when needed, circumventing the need to wait until they can be afforded.
  • Productivity is not compromised by multitasking or subpar expertise.
  • At any juncture, skill sets can be calibrated to align with business requirements.

Transitioning from the outdated approach of extensive staffing and pursuing incremental growth at the executive tier heralds numerous benefits. This method ensures the availability of necessary skills, eliminates productivity dips, and maintains adaptable skill deployment. Ultimately, it leads to a more agile and swiftly evolving organizational landscape.



About Henning Schwinum

Henning Schwinum is a creative, adaptable and results-driven global business executive with extensive domestic and international experience in Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, and General Management, both in a corporate and entrepreneurial setting. He is a highly accomplished and exceptional leader that uses strong communication and interpersonal skills to build successful teams, strengthen critical global client relationships, and accelerates revenue channels. Today, Henning is helping growth-minded Founders, Owners & CEOs to grow their sales leadership capital.

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