Changing the World One Process Improvement at a Time

September 25, 2019
Changing the World One Process Improvement at a Time

Ron Emery is a Continuous Improvement Consultant, Author, and Entrepreneur, and we’re proud to have him on our team of MetaExperts. Ron was recently highlighted on Supply Chain Game Changer as a leader in the supply chain process improvement industry.

One of the things that make Ron unique is his background. Ron has traveled the world doing what he loves.

I have flown over four million miles, been on every continent but Antarctica, stayed in a hotel nearly 3500 nights. So, I guess that qualifies me as a “road warrior” but it really has been a fun ride and fun life.”

He went from permanent roles as VP of Supply Chain to VP of Operations to consulting to owning and operating his own business. Although he is a leading expert in process improvement, he doesn’t hold a degree in Industrial Engineering like many of his contemporaries. Ron holds a liberal arts degree which he says he leverages to talk to just about anybody. He’s been able to self-educate himself on the science aspect through work experience and good mentors. 

It All Comes Down to People

Ron’s approach to process improvement focuses on making businesses better by looking at more than just numbers, processes, and machinery. “It always comes back to people. I have discovered the world is about process and people and that is it.  Both are equally important.” Ron says that transforming an organization is so much more than investing huge sums of money or purchasing the latest tech. Ron took a company plant that was within 30 days of shutting down and turned it around within 2 weeks. “Sometimes organizations overlook the small stuff that needs to be done in a transformation… It is about people and their willingness to understand and adapt.”

Ron emphasizes that the key to process improvement is, “getting folks pointed in the right direction, to have them believe in themselves and empower them to even make mistakes every so often as long as they learn from those mistakes.” Ron is dedicated to making significant contributions to this world and he says it all comes down to process and people—both are equally important to Ron. He’s using that strategy to change the world one business at a time. 

Changing the World

Ron’s mission isn’t just to transform businesses. He believes that businesses, supply chains, and change leadership all have a responsibility and a role in implementing social change. “Every little bit we can do can and will make a difference in our world. Treat people with respect and be honest with them.  Give them challenges and reward them.  Understand what motivates your team and be respectful. Let the team explore the answers, even if you know it won’t work, as long as it isn’t too costly.  Experience is learning.”
Ron is currently working on a project that will help a client implement an RFID solution to keep track of inventory as well as 3D printing applications that can reduce lead times for tooling and cut costs. “I solve problems and believe me there is no shortage of those in manufacturing.”


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