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4 Ways Hiring Fully Vetted Interim Executive Talent Can Save Time & Money

March 26, 2023
By Cara ChatellierMarch 26, 2023

Do you need to fill a high-level executive position in your organization? It can be hard enough to find candidates for any job. In fact, 68% of HR professionals are reporting difficulty hiring for full-time positions.The higher the position, the harder and more expensive it is to fill, one cost and time effective alternative is interim talent. With interim executive talent, you can fill the position when you need it, or while you continue the search for a full-time hire.

A manager greets a group of interim talent.

Here are four ways hiring fully vetted, high-quality executive  interim talent can save you time and money.

Interim Executive Talent Saves Time

Finding the perfect person to fill a job takes time. You may spend weeks conducting interviews, sifting through resumes, and doing background checks. The reality is, most of the candidates who apply will be unsuitable. However, this may not become apparent until, in some cases, the second or third round of interviews.

Instead, describe your specific needs and situation to MetaOps | MetaExperts. We will select fully vetted interim talent suited to your unique needs. In turn, you interview only those candidates. As a result, you will find the ideal person in a fraction of the time. Many times an interim talent turns out to be the perfect fit and becomes a contract-to-hire candidate.

Interim talent helps you fill gaps quickly. Plus, this strategy does not commit you to anything long-term. Interim employees are skilled at filling short-term needs. Therefore, they can hit the ground running without much training and will be productive immediately.

Reduce Costs

The total cost to fill a position is as high as three to four times the employee's salary. This includes not just the direct cost of hiring, such as advertising, and the time spent on interviews. These costs also account for the so-called "soft costs." These include reduced productivity, fatigue for your hiring team, the cost of losing a great candidate halfway through the process, etc.

This is on top of the cost of having the position go unfilled for as long as two to three months, even longer if you have very specific needs. While hiring direct may be in your best interest, there are other options. Interim talent is ideal if you need specific expertise for a specific period. Or, interim staff are great if you cannot afford to have the position go unfilled during an extended search. It is substantially cheaper, especially if you go through an agency with a pool of potentially suitable individuals ready to go.

Again, trained interim talent does not need much time to get up to speed. You will not pay them for unproductive periods or to learn their job. Instead, you pay them to get things done.

Boost Your Success Rate

A traditional job search includes a great deal of wasted time. Failed interviews waste HR's time, and candidates who drop out because of a long interview process or accepted offers at other companies waste the time of the key stakeholders. The worst situation of all? You hire someone who turns out to be a poor fit, or they quit after a few months.

MetaOps | MetaExperts has achieved amazing results for our clients. Our experts are fully vetted, top talent. You don't have to interview large numbers of "suitable" candidates who turn out not to be a fit. Additionally, interim talent works within your existing culture and values. Even if they prove to be a poor fit for your company culture, you can always contact us to get somebody else without hard feelings. Interim employees understand their job is temporary.

Increase Productivity With Interim Talent

If you have a specific talent gap, it is likely affecting productivity throughout your organization. MetaExperts will get it done for you, filling those gaps, creating systems that help you move forward, and increasing productivity overall.

Interim talent helps you deal with whatever is holding you back. You can hire them for the period you really need them for. They can then remain available as a consultant or coach if you need them. And, they help make sure that you have continuity by supporting functions.

Directly hiring the talent you need is great in many situations. For other situations, fully vetted interim talent from MetaOps can help your business thrive. Our MetaExperts are fully vetted and carefully chosen. They enjoy the variety and challenge of helping companies solve their problems and succeed.

If you have a high-level talent gap, or a problem that needs to be solved, you need a MetaExpert. Get it done today with the help of fully vetted, high-quality, and carefully chosen interim talent. Reach out for a match and learn how MetaOps MetaExperts have made money for the customer during their interim commitment.


About Cara Chatellier

Cara Chatellier is a digital marketing strategist & content writer. She lives in the Boston area and has worked with MetaExperts since October 2018. She loves travel, wine tastings, and podcasts.

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