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Food Manufacturer Increases Production Capacity 30% in 3 Days


A nationally recognized condiment brand producing a heavily differentiated product portfolio with several administrative and production facilities in Georgia tasked MetaOps to identify ongoing issues, non-value-added activities, and provide internal operational excellence (OpEx). The client achieved great results, return, and turnaround from their MetaOps, Inc. MetaExpert™ consultation.


Within one week of process monitoring the MetaExpert™ was able to identify several exceptions in the production process in one of the two plants studied including:

  • 55% production capacity from underutilization of large-batch kettles and kitchen equipment used
  • Too many products made per kitchen area resulting in varying cleaning downtimes between3-10 hours for product batch changes per respective kettle
  • Production delays of 45-60 minutes due to foot traffic of overtasked operations staff
  • Miscommunication between production, packaging, and administrative departments creating latencies

After both plants were studied the OpEx methods, tools, and goals were proposed by our MetaExpert™.

Staff and management were further coached, mentored, and advised per respective areas resulting in:

  • Reduced foot traffic and further streamlining the kitchen processes specifically delegating tasks to the respective kitchen prep and batch mixing teams
  • Added rolling racks from the prep areas to the batch kettles and mixing team to cut production delays
  • Specified production areas for one product at most to eliminate the worst-case 10-hour cleaning and maintenance time per changed condiment batch
  • Restructuring scheduling flow to best accommodate interdepartmental communication through Kaizen event identification


Once the process waste was found using 5S methods and after advising the sales team to meet ordering goals to test the increased capacity goals and new SOPs, respectively, the MetaExpert™ deployed the improvements with resounding success.

Other administrative improvements as advised by the MetaExpert™ were implemented post-contract.

Return on Investment

  1. 30% increase in production capacity in 3 days after initial process observation week
  2. 74% increase in production capacity achieved by end of the first week of new SOP implementation
  3. 2.5x production capacity consistently achieved long-term
Food Manufacturer Increases Production Capacity

Project Details

Client Skills Required: OpEx understanding and deployment, SOP (standard operating procedure) improvement, spaghetti maps, time studies, work-breakdown procedures, Kaizen event identification, capability analysis

Contract Length: 90 days

Support by MetaOps, Inc.: OpEx mentoring, coaching and implementation

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