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Revolutionizing Process Improvement to Improve Client On-Boarding for a Top Five Auto Lender


MetaExpert Bradley worked as a full-time employee for a top five auto lending company in the Financial Services industry. The company was struggling with inefficient partner onboarding processes and lacked a standard framework or governance model. This created gaps, issues, and confusion in their operations, affecting customer experience and adherence to service level agreements (SLAs). Bradley's role was to create an end-to-end process for partner onboarding, improve the onboarding cycle time, and establish a collaborative and productive framework.


MetaExpert Bradley initiated a comprehensive change management process, focusing on improving collaboration, communication, and efficiency. He held individual discussions with key stakeholders from various departments, including business development, partnerships, product management, technology, and change management. These conversations helped identify areas of improvement and led to the creation of an end-to-end process framework.


Bradley introduced a RACI (Responsibility, Accountability, Consulted, Informed) model to clarify roles and responsibilities within the partner onboarding process. He also developed a Confluence page that documented all key processes, steps, and responsibilities, providing a centralized source of information. This page contained hyperlinks to best practices, templates, examples, procedures, and policies, making it easy for teams to access and follow.


Additionally, Bradley introduced innovative tools such as a capabilities model, allowing the Partnership and Development group to customize offerings to clients, and a checklist to capture client-specific requirements. These tools streamlined the onboarding process, enhanced communication, and facilitated better client interactions.


Bradley's efforts significantly improved the organization's partner onboarding process. Teams experienced enhanced collaboration, communication, and understanding of their responsibilities and accountabilities. The documented framework led to more efficient and smoother project execution, ensuring the company met its contractual obligations.


This transformation positively impacted the employee experience and helped mitigate risks associated with the departure of experienced employees holding critical knowledge. The project aligned with the organization's objectives to grow its partnership business, ultimately contributing to the achievement of Operational Key Results (OKRs).

Return on Investment

The project's success translated into smoother operations, more efficient partner onboarding, and better adherence to contractual obligations, ultimately contributing to potential revenue growth.

team members discussing process improvement


Bradley's expertise in process improvement and change management played a pivotal role in enhancing partner onboarding for a top auto lending company. The successful transformation improved collaboration, communication, and employee experience, aligning with the organization's strategic objectives.

Project Details

Industry: Financial Services - Auto Lending

Project Duration: Approximately 5 months in 2022

Employment Status: Full-time employee

MetaExpert Skills Needed: Change management, process improvement, team collaboration, documentation


Contract Length: Not applicable (full-time employment)

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