Learn How MetaExpert Eric Achieved a 72% Reduction in Defects


A company was experiencing issues with defects coming off their assembly line. A total of 23% of products coming off the assembly line came with customer-relevant defects. The client needed help finding the source of these defects on the assembly line.


MetaExpert Eric was called in to help. He initiated a lean six sigma project and used six sigma statistical analysis and traditional lean methods to source the problem. He found that one section of the assembly line contributed 7.8% to the defects.

MetaExpert Eric utilized predictive analysis using multiple regression and ANOVA models, an equation that modeled process results. In addition, this created many replication opportunities for other areas of the plant. Part of the project also developed an associate schedule tool that received a US patent for a new business process.


With help from MetaExpert Eric, the company achieved a 72% reduction in defects.

Return on Investment

The project achieved $252,000 in annual recurring savings, as well as a number of replication opportunities. This process was also repeated on different sections of the assembly line for additional savings.

Manufacturing Insights Magazine named MetaExperts one of 2020’s Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Solutions Provider

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