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What Can A Manufacturer Do with IT/MES When There’s No Time Nor Budget To Waste


Our client is in the rapidly growing lithium-ion battery space and its products are used to power everything from automated forklifts to heavy-duty manufacturing equipment to critical gear used in custom form-factors by the Department of Defense (DOD).

They are aggressively transitioning from strictly research and development (R&D) to high-volume production.  Our MetaExpert™, Kendall, coached our client on how to revamp the IT and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) function to support the growth of the company while optimizing spending.


Our MetaExpert™ quickly collaborated with the client's Chief Operating Officer (COO) to ensure that the percentage of annual revenues spent on IT and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) would remain unchanged as the customer said, “There’s no time nor budget to waste”. The proposed ratio of investment spending to maintenance spending in IT/MES would allow for new hardware, equipment, and systems to be implemented to support our client’s growth.

Beginning with an extensive analysis and observation period identifying IT practices and spending levels. Kendall accomplished these goals by:

  • Insourcing much of the IT/MES support functions to lessen overall maintenance costs
  • Implementing a better balance of on-site and cloud-based systems that would not be compromised by data service outages
  • Improving cybersecurity measures through new SOPs and systems deployed with respect to the growing and ongoing zero-day threats and ransomware attacks while accommodating the DOD’s regulatory and security compliance standards
  • Keeping IT and MES operations stable while making the needed improvements to both investments and upgrades


Our MetaExpert™ was able to maintain targets, deploy a new budget, and provide budget planning and projections through FY2022 so the client could do the same internally and autonomously with great efficiency.

Return on Investment

  • Ensured the IT/MES technical infrastructure would accommodate the corporate growth targets
  • Enhanced the cybersecurity equipment to ensure compliance with the latest commercial and DOD regulations
  • Provided sufficiently detailed IT/MES budget to gain the confidence and acceptance of the executive team
  • Provided sufficient guidance to allow insourcing of some IT/MES support and converting the savings to upgrades
Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Project Details

Client Skills Required: OpEx understanding and deployment, SOP (standard operation procedure) development, lean, root cause analysis, process mapping, value stream mapping, budget optimization, program management, cross-functional team leadership, KPI development, stakeholder collaboration, Agile process management, IT transformation

Contract Length: 4-5 Months

Support by MetaOps™, Inc.: OpEx mentoring, coaching, and implementation

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