Aerospace Manufacturer Avoids Steep Penalty Costs Passed On To Crucial Parts Supplier


MetaExpert™ assisted an internationally recognized aerospace solutions provider experiencing delays, product flaws, and several inefficiencies. They provided a multi-faceted approach across several teams.


During the contract they worked across departments for the manufacturer and supplier, respectively, and advised them after performing the following:

  • Provided root cause analysis to find pain points in overall process
  • Identified design flaws which would have added to ongoing penalty costs
  • Deployed a quality management system to find flaws interdepartmentally between the teams for the supplier and manufacturer, respectively
  • Established cross-functional governance of program performance and roadblocks

Several critical paths were identified with respect to the crucial components needed in specific lines of aircraft being manufactured and some teams were found to be heavily siloed leading to miscommunications causing resulting penalty costs and aircraft production delays.


After the new methods were in place our new MetaExpert™ produced great results increasing cooperation in the manufacturer-supplier relationship and between product designers and eventual manufacturing teams.

This 12-month contract was completed ahead of time and said contract was extended to assist other facilities experiencing similar process exceptions.

Return on Investment

  • Eliminated instances of part shortages
  • Decreased defect rates
  • Avoided steep penalty costs for manufacturer passed on to crucial parts supplier

Project Details

Client Skills Required: OpEx understanding and deployment, SOP (standard operation procedure) development, lean, root cause analysis, process mapping, 5S, time studies, program management, cross-functional team leadership.

Contract Length: 12 Months

Manufacturing Insights Magazine named MetaExperts one of 2020’s Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Solutions Provider

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