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Is Interim Talent Right For My Business?

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What is Interim Talent?

If you are looking for fractional (part-time) talent or a skilled professional for a defined period of time, the Interim talent recruitment option is ideal for you.

Interim talent is mostly fractional, meaning you will only have to pay these professionals for the hours or days needed. Such talent often occupies temporary senior positions and/or acts as a veteran expert to guide you in the right direction without any long-term commitment and liabilities.

Therefore, if you are looking to hire new talent without spending a fortune, but you want to maximize your company’s progress to objectives in a limited period, Interim Talent Acquisition is best suited for your needs.

What Is Direct Hire?

If you know your organization needs long-term seasoned professionals to strengthen the core of your business, Direct Hire may be your best bet. Direct hiring suggests you are committed, since these hires are more likely to stick with you for the long run. If investing in long-tenured employees is important to you, it makes sense to opt for Direct Hire Acquisition. This will allow you to mold talent to fit into your company culture over time.

Difference Between Interim Talent and Consulting Services


Consultants are often perceived as experts of a particular field or industry, and they can enlighten your management about different ways to enhance the company’s operations. They bring expertise and an outside perspective from working with many different organizations. They are skilled in making observations, doing assessments and making recommendations.

Interim Operational Talent

Interim operational talent come with a specialized set of skills and resourceful experience in your respective industry. Since they are stepping into a role to act operationally, they are tasked with tackling the challenges and business problems of your environment with little or no delay. Rather than solely making assessments and recommendations, interim operational talent will execute strategies to achieve results.

The Distinction

Consultants are paid for their time spent consulting and guiding organizations. Therefore, they often seek to sell you more consulting. Interim talent pros are focused on results every day, as you would expect your key employees to act. Consultants offer helpful advice in getting things done, whereas interim talent not only offer their advice; they also get their hands dirty and get things done themselves.

Interim managers are DOERS who can get involved in your business problems and offer rapid solutions to all your issues very quickly without being bound to a methodology or consulting statement of works.

What MetaExperts Can Offer


In utilizing MetaExperts for interim talent, we promise to do everything in our power to assure things are done right the first time. We give you access to affordable and modern solutions in the form of pros who have been there and achieved success. Our proprietary 47+ Customer Alignment Worksheet (47+CAW) allows us to easily zero in on the hand-full of perfect fit MetaExpert candidates for your respective requirements.

Better yet, MetaExperts interim talent typically will cost you much less than consulting firm rates. You will get things right the first time without having to spend a fortune on finding the right people for your needs for a direct hire or do-nothing consultants. You enjoy an enhanced ROI through fast solutions without issues associated with typical consultants or hire-and-hope employees.

Benefits of Hiring Interim Talent

Rapid Response and Solutions

One of the best benefits of hiring interim talent is the rapid response to solve problems. For example, a customer called us a noon on Friday and told us he needed an operational expert living in Los Angeles, CA, to take care of production orders on Saturday morning. Within a few hours, we had three local resources ready to interview.

The Result: On Saturday morning, a MetaExpert who met their distinct description was there and ready to work.

Another firm called us on a Wednesday, and they needed somebody to conduct a lean assessment by Friday morning. They simply couldn’t find anyone to do it. Within a few hours, we shortlisted the best candidates in that city to be considered.

The Result: Our local MetaExpert was ready to work on Friday morning as needed and ‘saved the day’.

Our internal business processes and modern technological advancements enable us to complete a 47+CAW, select a perfect fit MetaExpert, and get lined-up for interviews within a matter of hours. MetaExperts was designed to be a rapid response model; you do not have to wait for days or weeks to get a response from us. It is usually possible to get everything done within a matter of hours.

Cost Effectiveness

You will be happy to know hiring MetaExpert interim talent is both cost effective and drives a superior ROI. When there are internal problems, every day action is not taken is a day of lost savings and earnings. According to a survey published by Jobvite in 2015, it takes around 71 days to hire a basic level employee, whereas it takes around 76 days to hire a vice president or a senior-level employee. The rapid-response MetaExpert interim talent solution saves you 70+ days of waiting for a permanent hire. And, since talent is interim, separating for any reason is painless. On the other hand, research suggests losses of up to $1.2 million for a single executive that doesn’t work out .

When you decide to go with MetaExperts interim talent, you do not have to worry about any additional costs for hiring the right person for the job. You can get started with interviews within a few hours and see boots on the ground in days.

Low Risk

When you utilize MetaExperts provided interim talent, you also enjoy low risks associated with this approach for your requirements. The MetaExpert can be ready to work immediately after the interview, if needed. Moreover, you can see their results within the first days and weeks because MetaExperts interim talent are “DOERS” and not “consultants”. Interim MetaExperts talent is ready to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to get the job done now.

MetaExperts is able to provide the right fit the first time in part because of our proprietary 300+ point vetting processes. We know our Experts intimately, allowing us to ensure a proper fit in the first place.

The MetaExperts weekly quality review check-in ensures that you are getting the best out of your interim talent. We provide coaching, support, and access to our massive knowledge base of best practices to assure success.

You can also take our interim talent candidates on a “one-day free test drive”* to see if they will be the best option for your company. We’re confident you’ll be impressed.

Industry Knowledge

MetaExperts comes with vast experience in finding and vetting top-tier, ‘get it done’ interim talent for multi-national companies. We have helped hundreds of firms in many industries and can easily count more than $1 billion in bottom-line results.

Allow us to demonstrate what we have learned with our 19 years of experience in providing support in operational excellence implementation. Our unique 47+CAW provides clarity and focus in getting the right interim talent in the first place without wasting time.

The average MetaExpert brings more than 15 years of practical ‘get it done’ experience in your industry and offers the right attributes and traits necessary for getting the job done. You will benefit from an interim talent solution well-versed in the art of tackling the respective challenges of your field.

We offer interim talent MetaExperts that bring the best modern-era practices and techniques to get you the results you need – fast.

*You pay expenses.

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