What is the cost of Safety

What is the cost of Safety when it’s not the first priority

Have you ever wondered if putting money into your organization’s safety policy was worth it? If so, you’re not alone. Many people think they can put safety off, until something happens, and then, they instantly regret their decision.

One organization in particular made an investment in improving their safety and truly reaped the benefits. Their safety turnaround resulted in

  • Zero Lost Time Incidents,
  • One million safe hours…then, two million safe hours,
  • An Iowa Safety Council Award, and
  • A National Safety Council Award.

Perhaps most importantly, the safety improvement even lead to a feature story on ABC prime time.

Now, while you’re deciding if an investment is ‘worth it’, consider the cost of not investing.

  1.      Cost of compensation
  2.      Cost of medical
  3.      Cost of training a new worker
  4.      Cost of lost time
  5.      Cost of investigation
  6.      Cost of supervision and inspections
  7.      Cost of wasted materials
  8.      Cost of damaged machinery
  9.      Cost of disability wages
  10.      Cost of morale
  11.      Cost of loss to the worker and family
  12.      Cost of brand reputation

The aforementioned company took advantage of streamlining their safety program with MetaExperts. Their new safety program generated priceless exposure for their brand and every dollar earned went to the bottom-line because of cost avoidance.  The cost of an accident is a cost that cannot be ignored.

MetaExperts offers interim top talent to Get it Done.  Whether it’s a safety issue, quality challenge, production improvement or program management.   

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