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The 8 Things You Must Know About Your New-hire or Contractor and Probably Don’t

In your pursuit of Operational Excellence (OpEx), the ultimate determiner of your organization’s profitability, growth, and innovation capability and sustainability, you must create teams of people who have rich depths of capability. Their resumes, references, certifications, education and work history — staples of every human resource department’s interviewing and hiring process — don’t provide what you really need to know. A resume is to a new-hire or contractor what a table of contents is to a biographical book. An outline of the person’s hard skills, not a read of the true gifts they can bring to your team.

The following eight sections discuss deep enrichments of an individual that make them a:

  • Force of creativity and positivity,
  • Generous collaborator,
  • Inspired innovator,
  • Fearless leader,
  • Flawless communicator,
  • Standout problem solver,
  • Calm in the storm,
  • Catalyst of adaptability, and
  • Welcome contributor to the very culture of your company.

Often referred to as soft skills or EI/EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), these highly valued characteristics are what Psychology Today maintains are the foundation of personal and professional integrity and maturity. To onboard the right people, your human resources(HR) department or subject matter experts (SME) staffing provider needs to be weighing EQ more heavily than anything on the timeline of the standard resume. Here’s what we know about the MetaExperts we hire, and what your HR department (or the new-hire) really need to tell you…

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Why Your Company Doesn’t Have the Right Staff at the Right Time, and How to Solve That

You don’t have the right staff at the right time because you can’t afford to find, onboard and maintain full-time personnel who can get and keep you up-to-speed with:

  • Global political unrest;
  • Changes in the balance of which nations have trade dominance;
  • Emerging workforces in previously uncompetitive nations;
  • Maturation of diverse industries, including genetics, robotics, big data, green energy
    and cybersecurity;
  • Climate change/global warming; and
  • Inexorable depletion of essential resources―water, food and clean air
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