The Prosecution Never Rests—MetaExpert Discovers and Acts On Kaizen Improvements

May 18, 2021


A government entity handling legal administrative affairs was experiencing a high amount of process latency admitting cases, their respective plaintiff and defendant team intake, and was internally experiencing a lack of interdepartmental communication leading to several departments working on particular stakeholder objectives at the same time resulting in respective process waste. Our MetaExpert worked with other companies jointly to produce results.

Prosecution Never Rests

Actions Taken

The MetaExpert tasked themselves with identifying process exemptions using a prior agency's shelved deliverable as the baseline for new SOPs and finding potential new exemptions.

During the full-time 18 month contract the MetaExpert found the following:

  • A lack of synchronized efforts between the IT, legal, and administration teams
  • The IT department used too many approaches for respective projects leading to process waste
  • Overlap between departments causing confusion between stakeholders regarding documents serviced, summonses requested, and overall scheduling and governance

After finding several exceptions in collaboration with other companies the MetaExpert and the joint team developed a 5-year roadmap. The MetaExpert then deployed and proposed the following, respectively:

  • Kaizen event identification leading to better communication in the government agency
  • Introduced concept of Portfolio Kanban to visualize and manage the investment lifecycle from concept to completion
  • Process mapping to further identify exceptions between and within departments
  • Automation and synchronizing of several communication and ERP platforms used to alleviate interdepartmental crossover
  • Ongoing data collection methods and deployment of their respective KPI's


Once the MetaExpert's recommendations were acted on the respective teams saw increased morale and better communication between departments through the changes made in this joint project.

The 18-month contract was renewed though another organization was tasked due to recompete agreements.


Not available nor disclosed due to government confidentiality.

Client Skills Required: OpEx understanding and deployment, SOP (standard operation procedure) development, Lean, Six Sigma, schedule management, 4S, 5S, CIP, SPI, 5 Why, process mapping

Contract Length: 18 months

Support by MetaOps, Inc.: OpEx mentoring, coaching, and implementation

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