Major Retailer
Situation MetaExpert Daniel served as Project Manager to a well-known clothing manufacturer and retailer with over 1,1000 stores located on 3 continents. Daniel’s proven expertise was key to substantial cost savings and process improvements. Actions A key part of Daniel’s role in overhauling this Major Retailer’s logistics process was to provide the initial kick off strategy guidance to Executive Management. Thanks to his track record of operational excellence, Daniel’s first step was to conduct due diligence with internal and external resources to capture the “AS IS” state of logistics operations. He then created a Work Breakdown Structure for the Project Plan to realize the “TO BE” state.  Once Daniel had determined the end-goal for this Major Retailer’s logistics, he: Developed, monitored, and controlled the Project Plan Conducted a weekly status update meeting with the Executive Management team Created and administered RFI. Created RFP, disseminated, crafted scorecard, and scored RFP responses…
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