See How MetaExpert Zeynep Saved a Telecommunications Company Over $5M


A telecommerce software company needed help with the implementation and infrastructure of a new software. They needed help because they were experiencing tough delivery and little transparency with their current implementation process. The organization was losing trust that this new software implementation was going to be successful, since a lot of time had passed and only about 20% was done. The organization needed someone to help move the project along.


MetaExpert Zeynep was brought on to help reassess the situation. She started due diligence and discovered that the software design was not as expected by the customer. She redesigned the software implementation plan, and created a new project timeline. The new timeline would be much faster than the other approach and allow the client to keep track of progress. 

MetaExpert Zenyep put together a new team to manage the implementation, providing full progress transparency that the organization could monitor in real time. She was able to give the client a new approach, methodology, and design to their software implementation, resulting in the regaining of customer confidence.


MetaExpert Zeynep helped regain the organization’s trust and confidence with this new implementation design. The new design allowed the organization to track progress in real time with full transparency of the implementation status. The project was delivered in 13 months.


With the help of MetaExpert Zeynep, the organization saved 5 million dollars and produced approximately 14 million dollars in new sales.