See How MetaExpert Nilesh Helped Release $15M of Cash Flow and Saved $1.5M in Interest

January 26, 2021


A business was experiencing a high percentage of past due invoices and needed help streamlining their workflow. With three different ERP systems, the business built up an accounts receivable backlog that included a high number of disputed invoices. The processes they were using were inefficient and resulted in collection disputes.

Cash Flow


  1. Implemented AR management system to standardize and automate the workflow.
  2. Created new common collection strategies.
  3. Partnered with the client to redesign the dispute management process. Cutting down on lead time providing clear resolution paths.
  4. Created means for higher visibility through better reporting tools. 
  5. Helped client to standardize processes in terms of implementing prioritization logic with a focus on top accounts, payment term enforcements, payment histories, etc. 
  6. Helped client establish a credit hold procedure. 


MetaExpert Nilesh helped re-engineer the entire collection process, automating the workflow and establishing a clear dispute management approach. An escalation metric was also implemented for issues of title control. 

MetaExpert Nilesh worked to streamline the workflow, which reduced the high percentage of past-due invoices. 


$15 M worth of cash flow was released, decreasing the average monthly past due amount by approximately 20%. This resulted in around $1.15M in interest savings.


ROI(corporate finance) the amount, expressed as a percentage, that is earned on a company's total capital calculated by dividing the total capital into earnings before interest, taxes, or dividends are paidMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

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