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Six Sigma

MetaExpert, John, leveraged his expertise and experience with Lean, Six Sigma, process mapping, waste reduction, and quick wins to overhaul poor performance and low customer service rates in a large company in the warehouse and logistics space.

  • He tackled slow processing times,
  • low throughput,
  • inventory inaccuracies, and
  • customer order discrepancies.


John implemented automation best practices, increased volume, and decreased costs across the board. He redesigned a more efficient floor layout, implemented conveyor systems which eliminated linear foot movement and increased throughput time, and maximized automated pick systems. He employed barcode technology, thermo labels, and integrated systems which maximized efficiencies across the warehouse. In addition, he eliminated batch methodology which enabled the company to complete orders in real time.

Not only did John transform these functions leading to a cost savings between $40-$60 million, his expert actions improved quality and accuracy to the customer, bumping customer satisfaction to nearly 99%. He also increased production throughput by 57% while decreasing re-work defects, decreased jobs by 62%, eliminated the third shift altogether, and reduced second shift operations. John tightened up inventory procedures improving inventory record accuracy from 35% to an impeccable 99%.

Not only did the MetaExpert’s efforts yield impressive results to the bottom line, his methods improved the customer experience. His efficiencies saved over 5 days in completing a customer order and reduced order pick time from one week to under one hour!

With a MetaExpert like John, this was able to see measurable results that they were unable to achieve on their own. But, John did so much more than come in and clean up processes. He trained the company in the warehouse and logistics space team to be able to maintain and manage the changes he implemented as well as equip them with the tools to find new efficiencies as their company grows and scales beyond their current mode of operation.

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