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Packaged Perishable Foods Producer Improves Efficiency by 20% and Shelf Life by 18 Days Resulting in $2 Million Bottom Line Increase

A Downers Grove, Ill. producer of packaged meats had an opportunity to increase its sliced meats sales to a Bentonville, Ark. retailer if it could increase the product’s shelf life. This Fortune 500 food manufacturer engaged a MetaExpertTM to lead a discovery team that would identify the best practices for increasing the shelf life and ultimately increase both companies’ profitability. The producer’s retail customer knew that their ROI on the product would improve if they could sell it over a longer period of time in their grocery departments. The MetaExpert-lead team helped the producer increase the shelf life 18 days, improve efficiency by 20%, and increase their bottom line by $2 million. The retailer, as promised, increased their orders and sales of the product.