Vincent Steers Vehicle Manufacturer in Right Direction with VPS


A luxury vehicle manufacturer in China was seeking to apply the value-added production system (VPS) rule and method as the company’s sister plant in Europe. The target group of trainees was area managers and section leaders who are responsible for more than 600 people across multiple plant locations. The vehicle manufacturer’s goal was to address the process issues at the lowest level in the organization with the end result being the shop floor employees taking the initiative to improve process performance.


MetaExpert Vincent conducted more than 800 hours of in-person, classroom training on the VPS subject as well as on-site improvement coaching at the vehicle manufacturer’s facilities across China. Vincent meticulously trained and coached the area managers and section leaders of each plant. He mentored the managers and section leaders on the following skills and principles:

  • Transfer the eye of waste
  • Layout improvement 
  • Use of support chain 
  • Standard of work
  • Specific vehicle manufacturer problem-solving methods
  • Training within the industry 

Vincent successfully empowered the shop floor team and they are now able to work under and follow-through with the value-added production system.


  • Vincent’s efforts ensured 100% of the targeted group completed their training and as a result, can start to make immediate improvements under VPS guidance.
  • Ensured 100% of those trained are able to modify and improve their area standard work and fully understand the standard work.
  • Ensured 100% of those trained are able to use a small A3 chart to address process issues.
  • Ensured 100% of those trained are able to perform well in the role of team leader.
  • Ensured 100% of those trained are able to conduct high-quality on the job training to others.


Vincent’s acumen for problem-solving, coaching, and training and knowledge of vehicle manufacturing processes were critical to the implementation of VPS at the Chinese plant. He was well-received by the employees of the vehicle manufacturer and the company has seen tangible and measurable results. The problem-solving case on-time close rate dramatically increased from 50% before training to 90% after training. As a result, the company’s management team was so pleased with the results that they extended the contract by another year. 

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