MetaExpert Michael Catches Manufacturing Error, Rectifies Process for Results

Manufacturing Plant


A manufacturing plant was suffering from excessively high in-process scrap rates (6.8%) in the zinc smelting department. Although the raw material could be re-melted and salvaged, the labor costs were excessive and on-time product deliveries were at stake. 


To remedy the inefficiencies in the manufacturing process, the company called on MetaExpert Michael. Micheal led the company through analysis. They studied the data and found that the root cause of the problem was with two-part numbers coming from two die-cast machines. 

Furthermore, Michael studied the parts and his efforts and attention to detail in the manufacturing processes led to the discovery that the tools used were not properly vented. This caused porosity in the parts which resulted in the high in-process scrap rates.


MetaExpert Michael’s experience in manufacturing processes and keen eye led to both tools being repaired at a cost of less than $15,000 each. The root problem was solved and the flow of good parts has been restored.


By bringing on a MetaExpert like Michael, this manufacturing company has slashed high scrap rates, reduced future excess labor costs, and can now deliver products on-time.

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