MetaExpert Kellen Crushes Cross-Functional Disconnect and Order-to-Delivery (OTD) Improvement

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Cross-Functional Disconnect and Order-to-Delivery


MetaExpert Kellen was brought on board to lead a study that focused on lean policy deployment and order-to-delivery (OTD) improvement. According to MetaExpert Kellen, current state analysis determined that there was: 

  • no visual management
  • no leader standard work
  • no cross-functional communication or collaboration
  • no daily metrics tracked or reviewed
  • no daily structured problem solving
  • no cross-functional training or knowledge understanding across departments or production floor processing capabilities

In addition, product sales had increased by 35% with no capacity planning or production availability preparation. 


MetaExpert Kellen leveraged his expertise in process improvement strategies to get the company back on track. He was able to:

  • achieve lean policy deployment implementation, 
  • complete and develop cross-functional training 
  • Develop and utilize plant capacity model to align sales team with operations available capacity and capabilities
  • develop and improve router instructions for the scheduler to properly utilize plant equipment capabilities and capacity


MetaExpert Kellen’s know-how and hard work have set the company up to see OTD improvements of 100% with an increase from 45% to 90% with just 4 months.


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