MetaExperts Joe was brought on board to help a large lead-acid battery manufacturer suffering from conflicting planning, organizational consensus, and performance gaps. He determined that the main issues stemmed from:

  • Differing objectives and forecasts between Sales, Finance and Supply Chain 
  • Performance gaps were not readily identified and addressed
  • Risks were not consistently identified and resolved
  • Unexpected gaps in the planning


To address these problems, Joe introduced a robust Sales and Operations Planning process. This process creates a collaborative effort between all business units with a monthly cadence of meetings and events. On a regular basis, balanced supply and demand plans are determined, inventory is optimized, and risk, opportunities, and gaps are determined with actionable counter-measures. 


Through the process of consensus building, meeting facilitation, and supply planning, MetaExpert Joe was able to implement a collaborative planning process. The company achieved the following results:

  1. Inventory turns improved by 18%.
  2. Order fulfillment rates above 95% to key after-market customers – 100% to original equipment manufacturers.
  3. Capital projects proposed and approved to resolve capacity bottlenecks.


In the time that MetaExpert Joe worked with the company, a structure was created and implemented to unify business planning. This new collaborative effort resulted in significant improvements in inventory while gaining new business from some of the largest US battery resellers.

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