MetaExpert Jeffrey Retrains Employees to Enhance EBITDA


MetaExpert Jeffery was brought on board to help a company suffering from a consistently high cost of operations, a severe lack of efficiencies and to help the company achieve a reduction of overall billings in accessories. He determined that frontline challenges were present in the following areas:

  • Human capital.
  • Operational deficiencies.
  • Working consistently across the network at each business unit. 
  • Suffering bottom-line results and an overall reduction of EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization).


Jeffrey studied and recognized deficiencies in the company’s overall policies. He determined that the best way forward was to rewrite the policies and train from the bottom up. He then measured the results and recommended increased accountability among employees. Jeffery’s overhaul of the company’s policies and training program improved the human capital issues the company was facing. He also measured key performance indicators (KPI) and established new KPI to focus on stronger financial returns. Jeffery requested an audit by an independent entity to review all data transmissions and successfully identified the billing errors. 


As a result of Jeffery’s expertise in process improvement, understanding of cash management, balance sheet, accrual logging, and P&L management, communication, training and redefining needs, and vision to accomplish tasks, the company saw the following results:

  1. Unified and improved consistency with a rewrite of P&P and training
  2. Clearly defined roles and education of leaders and frontlines improved
  3. Audited data and contracts–identified and improved billings by 12%
  4. Productivity improved by 14% from BU to company return to EBITDA by 8%


In the six months that MetaExpert Jeffrey worked with the company, his efforts yielded a sizeable return on investment. Erroneous billings were improved by 12%, cash burn was significantly reduced, and he saw the company’s EBITDA improve by 8%.

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