MetaExpert Holly Helps a Call Center Go Lean for Big Savings

Our MetaExpert, Holly, gets it done! See how she used her expertise in lean methodology and value stream analysis to bring big savings to a call center.


A call center was nearing the end of their State contract, with only 1 year remaining. The scope of the contract represented 20% of health insurance members.


MetaExpert Holly implemented a Value Stream Analysis to identify areas of waste within the call center that were a detriment to customer satisfaction, costing the organization money, and slowing down their processes. Holly’s analysis revealed that:

  •  85% FCR resulted in activities having to be routed to multiple areas within the organization. 
  • 1/6 of these activities aged longer than 30 days resulting in significant member dissatisfaction. 
  • Several projects were underway within claims escalations, but none would solve the root cause. 
  • Waste in the process included up to 35% misrouting, and 25% first pass yield costing the organization $0.5M.

Data Demonstration


With Holly’s expertise in lean methodology, she was able to guide the call center to develop and award a new contract retaining an astounding $5B in revenue over the course of 5 years. 

There were some costs associated with implementing Holly’s plan. Overall, the process cost 1000 overtime hours and a $5,500 investment in facilities, totaling $25,500. However, those initial investment costs are a mere fraction of the annual cost savings of the call center due to their leaner, more efficient processes. Holly’s meticulous efforts resulted in an annual savings of $1,600,000 after process redesign and an additional $800,000 from the financial analysis. 


By bringing in a MetaExpert like Holly, this call center was able to see an unprecedented return on their investment with a total annual cost savings of $2,400,000. In addition to extensive financial cost savings, Holly also provided the call center with tangible operational efficiencies to include:

  • Increased call center capacity 16% 
  • Average activity age reduced 30 to 2 days
  • Simplified handling of service exceptions 
  • Eliminated escalations 
  • Attrition rate reduced 16% to 7%

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