MetaExpert George Has a History of Process Innovation


MetaExpert George uses to make prototypes for new automobiles. At the time, he had to use wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) to make blanks to form into parts. This process was lengthy, taking up to 45 hours depending on the size of the blank. The problem with that was each wire EDM burn would yield 45 blanks. If, while forming the first part, the blank length was incorrect, 44 blanks had to be completely discarded. Not only were materials wasted, but the company lost 45 hours of work as well. 

Process Innovation in Automotive Company


George recommended the company invest in a CO2 laser cutting machine. This piece of equipment would cut each blank in 10 seconds. If the size was incorrect, the computer program could be edited in 2 minutes, so time loss was 2 minutes – 10 seconds. Then it would take 7 minutes to complete the rest of the blanks. The laser would also cut the holes needed where the wire EDM could not produce holes, which also saved precious man-hours. 


George’s recommendation was a no-brainer and the automotive company’s CEO wasted no time in signing off on the funds to purchase the new equipment.


Thanks to George’s initiative to change the process at the automotive company, the CEO saw a return of investment of the funds used to purchase the CO2 laser cutting machine in an astonishing 4 months. George’s actions saved the automotive company countless man-hours.