A billion-dollar healthcare transportation company was seeking to improve its bottom line. They were looking for a MetaExpert to help them implement cost savings initiatives and also spearhead the centralization of real estate procurement. The MetaExpert charged with the task would be faced with working in a dynamic environment as a private equity firm supervised the initiative while management and strategic focus continued to change. 

In order to be successful, the company knew they would need the help of an expert. One of our MetaExperts, Andy, answered the call. With his background in Real Estate, Procurement, Change Management, Human Resources, Standard Work Documentation, and WorkFlow Layout, Andy proved to be an invaluable asset to the healthcare transportation company. 


MetaExpert Andy guided the healthcare transportation organization to meet the challenge and make its real estate a corporate asset rather than a liability.  Andy led a collaborative team that included senior management, procurement, field management and legal to facilitate and drive the initiative.


Andy’s efforts and expertise produced undeniable results saving the company over $2 million in 2019 alone. With MetaExpert Andy’s guidance, the company hired and trained new staff to meet its cost-saving objectives. Andy evaluated the current processes and developed new processes to provide consistent execution.  

Andy helped make the company’s locations a competitive advantage by analyzing customer data and transportation patterns to provide closer access to customers, a key attribute for success. 

To make this all work, he led and constantly communicated with management to provide expertise, capacity and an objective point of view of the transformation and centralization. By creating early successes, Andy enabled the company to establish strong credibility that led to smoother change management.


Bringing a MetaExpert on board is an investment. Some investments take time to yield tangible results, but Andy was able to give this healthcare transportation company an unprecedented return on their investment. Not only did the company meet their cost savings and centralized department formation objectives, but Andy’s tireless efforts also proved to be a lucrative investment.

Thanks to MetaExpert Andy’s innovative change management solutions, the company recouped their investment 10 times over in the first 9 months. 


Andy developed his skill set as an executive at two Inc. 500 companies.  He has a strong ability to discern challenges, solve them quickly and work well with customers.  If you are a company leader trying to reduce cost, improve workflow and manage the change effectively, please reach out to MetaOps to connect with Andy.

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