A building and construction company brought MetaExpert Alan onboard to help sort out operational and logistical inefficiencies regarding the construction of metal structures. The company was facing a 100% sorting and rework rate of their products after manufacturing. In addition, as a result of the focus on inspection after product completion, rather than during production, deliveries were delayed.


To remedy the construction company’s quality control issues and delivery delays, Alan took the following measures:

  • Reviewed with the team all applicable specifications to ensure all employees understood the requirements
  • Deployed the requirements to Key Process Control Parameters, not just final quality control
  • Developed the processes to be robust according to the requirements
  • Implemented control plans
  • Audited process parameters and key characteristics, not just final goods


Through his initial assessment, Alan was able to determine that a lack of communication and too many “experts in the room” was a major contributor to the building and construction company’s shortfalls. His expert analysis and implementation of a concrete plan remedied nearly all of the construction company’s operational and logistical inefficiencies. 


By leveraging his process improvement expertise, MetaExpert Alan was able to reduce product rework down to just 5%. As a result, in only 4 months, production capacity increased by a staggering 800%. 

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