Learn How MetaExpert Richard Used Accelerated Testing to Eliminate Customer Complaints and Product Failure


A carpet manufacturer was receiving complaints from clients regarding changes in color. The manufacturer makes vinyl carpet for pontoon boats. They needed help finding out why the color change was taking place, and how to solve the problem.

Accelerated Testing


MetaExpert Richard was called to help test and analyze the uv stability of the fabrics. He created boxes to test the uv light, halogen light, and heat effects on the fabric. Richard discovered that the fabric was given a backing when it was installed on the boats, which was contributing to the color failure.

MetaExpert Richard created accelerated testing of the fabric with the backing on it. He found that the backing contributed significantly to the degradation of the fabric itself, and that it only happened with some colors.


A new additive was developed, researched, and founded to be put in both the fabric and the backing. This reduced the claims of color failure by 80%. 10 new fabric colors were introduced, and with accelerated testing, they were able to establish that these products were not going to have this type of color failure. They also removed the problem color from sale that was responsible for over 50% of the complaints.


The fabric company was able to reduce all claims for color failure. They were also able to test competitor fabrics and determine that their own product is better than the competition.