Lean Leader’s Checklist: How to Set Lean Leadership and Management Expectations–Guest Blog by MetaExpert Chuck Intrieri

  • Set high-performance expectation goals & pace of daily support of the new manner of work
  • Engage & empower your people to solve problems
  • Create an organizational structure with readily identified team leaders to allow continuous change to happen
  • Form core teams with strong leader and team members along the path of workflow
  • Breakdown barriers between artificial silos of control so improvements can occur horizontally
  • Foster regular communication within and between workstations within your control as well as outside your department (customer-supplier relationships)
  • Drive reduction in variability by standardizing the work activities, connections, and pathways
  • Implement visual management, with posted daily metrics of value for each work unit reflecting opportunities for change or stability of process
  • Stabilize processes through a continuous focus on waste reduction
  • Move to continuous flow, innovate triggers to ‘pull’ work
  • Identify opportunities for front loading and work simplification
  • Continually push to reduce time waste daily
  • Increase Throughput
  • Leverage PDCA as a way of thinking and the operational engine of continual improvement
  • Create structure and incentives to sustain the new cultural change of work
  • Make this new approach to work fun!
  • Celebrate your teams’ successes and learnings
  • Educate to improve the overall quality and efficiency of work for the system, not for any one unit
  • Create opportunities for your direct reports to work effectively together and manage horizontally for the greater good. Somebody gives, somebody takes, but everyone wins.
  • Creating a functional Lean enterprise is a never-ending, daily journey of many years duration.
  • There’s always a better way to do anything.
  • Remember: Lean is clearly a combination of top-down leadership integrated with bottom-up employee engagement.
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