John Helps the US Air Force Reduce Waste

Air Force

The Situation

John, a MetaExpert was hired by the U.S. Air Force to help tackle the lack of concrete processes for conducting medical physicals which were causing inconsistent patient care. Prior to John’s arrival, the Air Force was providing inconsistent patient care resulting in long wait times for patients to be seen by providers. In addition, key information was being missed during appointments which caused the need for additional appointments.


John led the Air Force project team through mapping their current “AS IS” processes in several functional areas and developed standardized processes where none existed. He implemented the Lean methodology to reduce excess waste in the existing processes. John made recommendations for future projects and the team was able to see immediate results with some of the “quick wins” John implemented.

John’s expertise in Lean, Six Sigma, leadership, process mapping (Visio), waste reduction, and ability to implement quick wins resulted in a cost savings of $3-$5 million a year for the U.S. Air Force.

Process Mapping

In addition to the monumental cost savings, by implementing standardized processes where none had existed before, John helped the organization save 2-3 man hours per day and greatly improved the customer experience by reducing the backlog and redundant appointments.