How MetaExpert Marc Helped to Upgrade Production & Keep Revenue Flowing

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MetaExperts Marc was brought in to help a company experiencing a rapid growth rate. The company went from $7 million in annual sales to $120+ million and desperately required new production facilities, financial, and staffing needs. 

How MetaExpert Marc Helped to Upgrade Production


Marc leads the charge with the creation and implementation of a new business plan, budgets, staffing and launch execution plan to accommodate growth rate. A total budget plan was created for a greenfield (Mexico, San Luis Potosí) and brownfield (Auburn Hill, Mi) project of around $30 million. 


  1. The greenfield in Mexico was completed on time and achieved budget targets of $9 million.
  2. Startup staffing and training was executed and launched on time.
  3. Equipment build dates and needs were met and the first parts were shipped to customers 9 months after the project kick-off.
  4. Brownfield in Auburn Hills involved moving over 40 pieces of equipment within a very tight time frame of 3 months. The relocation was completed in time AND on budget. 
  5. No customer deliveries were compromised causing a potential line shutdown.


Through plant management, cost estimation and budget control, MetaExpert Marc was able to accommodate and organize the company’s rapid growth rate. Resulting in a 21% ROI in the greenfield in Mexico and an 18% ROI in the brownfield in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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