How MetaExpert George Helped Increase Monthly Revenue from $350k to $2.8M


An international aerospace company was far behind schedule with the Boeing 737 Max program to deliver Titanium Engine inner walls. MetaExpert George was brought onboard to reorganize and streamline production. The company needed help improving on their overall production operation.

How MetaExpert George Helped Increase Monthly Revenue


MetaExpert George helped reorganize and reschedule the plant, suppliers, and personnel. A visual “run the business” board was developed to assist with keeping the team on track. Two fifteen-minute meetings were held with all value stream managers and outside stakeholders to assess successes and constraints. MetaExpert George helped create action plans on the spot to reduce the effects of production constraints.


  1.       Within four months, my group was not only on but ahead of schedule;
  2.       Each value stream and matrix departments understood where they were in the operations of the division;
  3.       Value stream managers had a vision of the “down the road” possibilities (jig down, supply interruptions, tooling maintenance, calibrations);
  4.       Out of department stakeholders had a vision of receiving and shipping calendars based on the “run the business” board depictions of productivity and schedules;
  5.       Surprises were eliminated.


By helping reorganize the production line, MetaExpert George was able to help the aerospace company get back on track. The division went from less than a $350K revenue per month capacity to more than $2.8MM.