How MetaExpert Frank Helped an Automotive Company Save $241,000


An automotive company using a transmission reaction shell wanted to increase demand to 6600 per week. This number was possible based on the quoted cycle time of all operations.

Unfortunately, the last operation of high-speed balancing was over the projected cycle time by 40%. The reaction shells were out of balance by 45g more than the specification requirement. This heavy to one side condition caused a need to re-balance by having automation punch lightening holes. This new step caused inventory to build up at the last operation, creating material handling and overtime issues.

MetaExpert Frank Helped an Automotive Company


MetaExpert Frank was brought on to access and fix the situation. Using Six Sigma techniques, he carefully measured how the deep draw shell was accumulating material on one side. 

It turns out that the master coil had four narrow slits cut into it with varying thickness. This was used for the transfer press based on their location in the master coil. 

The four coils slit from the master coil were measured and labeled in a manner that would allow the common condition to be adjusted in the first draw die.  Running all same coils improved up-time in the 1600 ton transfer press by 8% and kept balancing operation from the 40% over cycle time.


  1. The evenly distributed material in the shell improved cycle time at the balancer operation by 40%.
  2. Assigning coil material by known thickness variation reduced adjustment and press downtime by 8%.
  3. Savings of 20 manhours of overtime per week from excessive of work in process at last operation.
  4. Maintain 100% delivery rating for customer and reflected in internal KPI’s.


MetaExpert Frank helped achieve $241,000 savings through process improvement practices over the three years remaining on the program, an 8.3 to 1 ROI.