A manufacturing company needed help in producing four different products in three different customer locations. MetaExpert Carlos was brought on to assist the struggling team in eliminating expeditions to their customers. The company’s overall changeover time needed improvement with on-time delivery services.

How MetaExpert Carlos Improved Change Over Time


Through an in-depth analysis process, MetaExpert Carlos removed all Muda through motion and time studies. Carlos introduced the method of line balancing and proper sequencing to improve the overall system. A robust SMED procedure was created in which standard procedures were followed, communicated, and prepared. He helped rewrite the SOP, and all affected employees were professionally trained.


  1. Full compliance with our customers JIT shipment requirements
  2. Improved confidence in the customer
  3. Eliminated the need to expedite to customer
  4. Scheduled production based on customer demands
  5. Increased workforce engagement and morale
  6. Eliminated overtime and weekend work


By improving the overall changeover time, MetaExpert Carlos was able to help reduce truck expedites to zero and improved change over time by 51%. With the introduction of the proper tools, the safety of the overall manufacturing process was improved.

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