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Because I work in a variety of industries, the communications problems vary to some degree but it appears to me that it comes down to perception. For example, the CEO sends a directive throughout the company regarding costs and most department heads will interpret or translate that as “don’t spend more than what was budgeted,” rather than doing a proactive review of the spend and questioning how they got here. This opens the door for me to provide support to analyze their spend, and to provide alternatives to deliver efficiency to drive costs down. What I see as an internal problem can be adjusted by collaboration and solid support. Most department heads are solely focused on the day-to-day and have never conducted a transformational restructuring, it is my job to set expectations that will ensure a smooth roll-out without impacting their business. This has occurred on more than a few of my endeavors, but on every single effort, we have been able to provide strong communications coupled with significant reductions.

About Richard Vales: Mr. Richard Vales has over 25 years of experience delivering executive-level procurement and supply chain solutions to organizations of all types Mr. Vales has developed extensive experience working domestically and internationally as a leader, instructor, coach, project practitioner, consultant, and engagement director with many high performing organizations. His leadership efforts have led to measurable business results through process effectiveness and efficiency, unparalleled customer satisfaction and superior market performance. His ability to leverage his deep expertise, outstanding collaboration skills and a bias for results has yielded millions of dollars of benefits to the bottom line for his clients. His primary focus is on the strategic deployment and execution of organizational performance improvement methodologies with an emphasis on the application of Lean Six Sigma.

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