Executive Excellence Series: How Not to Make Insane Mistakes

Executive Excellence Series: How Not to Make Insane Mistakes

Internet go-to for all things related to perspective improvement, and prolific writer of sage business-attitude advice, Frank Sonnenberg has called us all out with his list of the “50 Insane Mistakes Companies Make.” And he’s absolutely right, except that companies don’t make them, their decision-makers do. In this Executive Excellence Series — by executives for executives — we’ll reveal how not to perpetuate ROI-killing bad practices.

Executives. You Make Insane Mistakes.

Punishingly bad business practices ooze out from those of us at the top of the leadership strata and trickle through management, glomming onto our best intentions and practices, smothering them in dysfunction and waste.  Quickly, they become part of the “(I know it’s wrong) but that’s just the way we do things” management mantra that results in teams working for a paycheck and Friday, so uninspired that hunkering down with their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts at work seems justifiable and more productive than, well, work.

Time to stop the madness. In this 50-part blog series, we’ll address each insanity in less than 500 words, explaining:

  • Why it happens
  • Why it’s nuts
  • How to end the craziness, and
  • What practices will prevent its insidious attempts to regain control.

If you’ve ever encountered even one of these five lunacies in your organization, be assured it has at least 20 equally defective and treacherous friends from the big 50, and you’re responsible for enabling them now, and soon, stealing their power forever:

  • Copying the competition, yet expecting to surpass them.
  • Treating employees as a cost rather than as an asset.
  • Trying to “fake” the ability to deliver a service.
  • Introducing a new technology without teaching employees how to use it.
  • Promoting a person with good performance but poor integrity.

We know you don’t want to be guilty of number 27. Talking about the best thing to do, but then failing to do it.

So, you’ll find the complete series right here at http://metaexperts.com/blog/. Make sure to follow it. We’re confident it will quickly become your favorite leadership tool for breaking bad business practices that are rife through every organization. Yours too.

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