Call Center Productivity Increased 13.8%, generating $500,000 in Annual Savings, in 90 Days


A global provider of call center/help desks, previously based in Detroit, Michigan, engaged MetaOps, Inc. for help in reducing high error and turnover rates in a key customer support group. The company was in danger of losing a key client and 140 jobs. The Leadership Team were demanding the issues be effectively resolved. MetaExperts™ from MetaOps, Inc. lead them to increase their productivity by 13% and see a $500,000 annual savings increase in just 90-days of Lean Six Sigma Operational Excellence transformation.


In order to eliminate errors, increase productivity, and retain quality team members ultimately ensuring increased customer satisfaction, MetaOps, Inc. MetaExperts™ delivered an aggressive Lean Six Sigma business process improvement, leadership development, teambuilding, and training solution that included:

  • Developing a customized approach to Value Stream Kaizen by training and developing an internal core team to rapidly identify and eliminate waste and variation while increasing morale.
  • Conducting pre-work and an initial 3-day workshop where the team developed more than 50 action items tied to performance metrics and a robust action plan. All 140 employees in the center were impacted by the changes and improvements made.
  • Coaching and mentoring the team to complete multiple rapid process improvement projects.
  • Measured and improved calls handled per hour resulting in:
    • A 13.8% productivity improvement in 90 days,
    • A $500,000 in annual savings, and
    • Service-level agreement levels remaining consistently at or above targets.
  • Customer satisfaction increased due to shorter handle times and a higher percentage of calls not requiring escalation.
  • The company incorporated the practices MetaExperts™ delivered into their other areas of operations.
Return on Investment
  • 8% Productivity improvement
  • $500,000 annual savings
  • Improved
    • Calls-per-hour worked
    • Call quality
    • Service level agreement performance
    • Speed to productivity in new hires
    • Workforce understanding, morale, and accountability
  • Reduction of second-level and tech support
Project Details

Client Skills Required: Lean Six Sigma understanding and deployment, SOP (standard operating procedures) improvement, specialized call queue handling, data, continuous process improvement, leadership and training.

Contract Length: 90 days

Support by MetaOps, Inc.: Lean Six Sigma training and implementation, Kaizen training workshops, facilitation, Value Stream Mapping, Operational Excellence, High-Performing Teams.

Industry Experience

Consumer Goods
Financial Services
Health care
Information Services
Insurance & Retirement
Complex Manufacturing
Pulp and paper
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