Check Out How MetaExpert Troy Achieved A Record Throughput and an EBITDA of $30M


An organization was experiencing little employee engagement and had issues with a healthy cultural environment. There was an “us against them” attitude between the workforce and management, resulting in labor unrest. The organization needed its community to work together as one. They needed someone to help sort this out so the focus could shift to more initiatives and improvements.

MetaExpert Troy Achieved A Record Throughput and an EBIDTA


MetaExpert Troy was brought on to help assess the situation. He took the following steps:

  1. Had everyone trained and retrained in the audit process, basic equipment care, maintenance, and general refresher training.
  2. Hosted an informal luncheon where they did leader assimilation. The discussion led to them realizing they had more in common than they thought.
  3. Outlined clear expectations with regular feedback and accountability.
  4. Assigned each workforce a specific area to maintain and allowed them to decorate it as they wished (e.g., Star Wars, favorite football teams, pink, etc.)


The workforce began to take pride in their maintained areas because they put so much effort into their spaces. They even started to self-police the specific locations, giving each other feedback and recommendations. Positive work culture was created and sustained. 

With this new focus, MetaExpert Troy directed his attention to lean initiatives and corporate improvements. EBITDA increased by 30M in half a year. There were fewer breakdowns, consistent operations, and this continued at different facilities. 


MetaExpert Troy helped achieve a record throughput increase of 14 million gross gallons and an EBITDA of $30M in the second half of 2015.