Check out how MetaExpert Richard used lean manufacturing techniques to save over $2M

December 1, 2020


A carpet manufacturing company wanted to reduce its waste. The company makes its own colored yarn and had a problem with waste being produced from changing yarn colors. They needed to create a less expensive product with the same quality by reducing the waste associated with color changing.


MetaExpert Richard was brought on to analyze why the manufacturing company was spending so much money on their production. Richard analyzed where the waste was coming from by observing how the color change process works. 

Richard discovered that fabric rejects were being created because of different measurements of color. He created a test and discovered that each site was coming up with different color measurements due to how tightly the yarn was wrapped. Richard helped implement auto wrapping machines at each site to reduce measurement error.

MetaExpert Richard used lean techniques to discover where there was excess waste in the manufacturing process. By moving the location of a scale, Richard was able to save the company time and money, reducing over $200,000 of waste. In addition, Richard implemented a system of spectrometers with a correction factor, further reducing the fabric rejects. As well as researched whether certain ingredients needed to be added to the fabric or not, further saving time and money.


Over 2 million dollars in waste were saved by through the use of lean manufacturing, ingredient selection, and improved instrumentation and equipment. 


A 35% ROI was achieved from the new equipment and processes.

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