Workplace Morale

7 Ways to Make Human Resources More Human
In many organizations, the Human Resource department is perceived either as the arresting officer, judge and jury; or, the lifeline, rescuer, and therapist. A quick search on HR job description confirms that none of these nouns are included in the job description of a human resources department. Whether your organization is large and you have separate departments to perform these functions, or it is small and 1 person performs many, know that this causes a great deal of stress on the human resource staff. It is not how a human resource department is designed to function, and it makes a huge difference to your company. The Seven Functions Talent Acquisition/Recruitment Compensation Management Benefits Administration Training and Development Performance Management and Appraisal Employee and Labor Relations Compliance Management Why Have HR? The purpose of employee relations is to strengthen the employer-employee relationship through identifying and resolving workplace issues; measuring employee satisfaction…
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6 Ways to Transform Culture
Have you ever worked in an organization or on a team that exhausted you? The kind of place that took every last ounce of energy from you at the end of the day? Left you feeling drained and spent? Conversely, have you ever worked in an organization or on a team that was exciting? The kind of place that left you surprised at the end of the day that the time went by so fast? Left you feeling energetic and motivated to come back the next day to continue the tasks at hand knowing that you were doing something that was going to make a difference? Knowing that you were accomplishing something that mattered to someone? That’s the difference between a company that makes-do and one that is an industry leader. Becoming a leader in your industry brings top talent, money, and brand recognition. You can cause this type of…
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Behavior Modification - What can we learn from our dogs
Many frustrated Human Resource professionals neglect to utilize the easiest and most effective techniques in managing behavior issues in the workplace: natural logical consequences. The premise is quite simple, but we often tend to ‘overthink’ ways to change undesirable behavior. Typically, the first choice is punishment. On the positive side, punishment is quick, easy and often effective in the short term. On the negative side, it is fear-based and almost always damages the relationship between employees and management. It breeds a toxic corporate culture and predisposes an employee to voluntarily terminate their relationship with the manager and the company. Behavior Modification from Feenix I learned another way of behavior modification from a behavior modification therapist many years ago. He was a dog trainer who assisted me in modifying the behavior of a beautiful, very smart and stubborn golden retriever named Feenix. Prior to meeting this gentleman, I was a punishment…
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