Process Improvement

Automotive Giant Back on Top with MetaExpert Help
Situation A multi-billion-dollar tier 1 company became involved with a customer regarding a safety issue in which the customer was accusing the supplier to be at fault, thus revoking all 3 supplier manufacturing site locations for Q1.  This put the tier one supplier on new business hold and at risk of losing additional business they had plus additional quoting of new business opportunities. The company reached out to MetaExpert Jack for his APQP Process understanding, Advanced Critical Chain / Critical Path Methods knowledge, 5S and Standard Work expertise.  Actions Jack guided the organization to meet the challenge and improved productivity and facilitation of quality training and awareness. A collaborative cross-functional team of production, purchasing, engineering, and management was formed and led through a decisive 1-year plan, which involved the customer. This allowed for all key milestones to be met such that Q1 customer endorsement letters and Q1 site certifications were…
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Major Retailer
Situation MetaExpert Daniel served as Project Manager to a well-known clothing manufacturer and retailer with over 1,1000 stores located on 3 continents. Daniel’s proven expertise was key to substantial cost savings and process improvements. Actions A key part of Daniel’s role in overhauling this Major Retailer’s logistics process was to provide the initial kick off strategy guidance to Executive Management. Thanks to his track record of operational excellence, Daniel’s first step was to conduct due diligence with internal and external resources to capture the “AS IS” state of logistics operations. He then created a Work Breakdown Structure for the Project Plan to realize the “TO BE” state.  Once Daniel had determined the end-goal for this Major Retailer’s logistics, he: Developed, monitored, and controlled the Project Plan Conducted a weekly status update meeting with the Executive Management team Created and administered RFI. Created RFP, disseminated, crafted scorecard, and scored RFP responses…
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Contract Strategic Plans
Situation A global provider of Aerospace products headquartered in Chicago, IL, needed help developing a furniture Contract Strategic Plan (CSP) as the company approached the expiration of their current contracts. The company was concerned with the following: Fixation with going offshore to take advantage of perceived pricing advantages. Multiple suppliers spread across enterprise. Design & install costs vary by supplier. No formal governance process and lack of budgeting tools. Actions To help the company address their concerns, MetaExpert Tino led a cross-functional team to develop a CSP that included Defining Contract Objectives and goals, building a service delivery model, creating requirements aligned with objectives, defining the procurement strategy, and outlining the RFP structure. Tino helped the team define the evaluation criteria which included: Establishing furniture goals and objectives including best overall value, forward-thinking compliant system, and highly-effective integrated program for end users. Conducting extensive market research to alleviate concerns regarding…
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Organizational Behavior
I recently saw a TED talk where a well-known organizational behavior expert pushed my button. As a management consultant, his presentation made a lot of sense…not only for business but also for our complex, modern times. Yves Morieux rightly pointed out (in my opinion) that we are all drowning in complexity. His main contention is that we spend way too much time doing, undoing, redoing in isolation. Even with the marvelous new technologies, we seem to be less productive and much more unhappy with our jobs. Basically, our organizational behavior is broken. Morieux felt the reason why so many workers are becoming disengaged is their frustration with burdens of complexity and the lack of job satisfaction due mainly to the need for a new way of structuring how we do business.   Traditional management theory expounds that companies need structures that clearly define the departmentalization of processes with specific job…
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Industry 4.0 Technology
In a recent survey, 76% of manufacturers said they would increase their investment and use of smart devices or embedded intelligent into the manufacturing processes within the next few years. In the same survey, 66% of the manufacturing CEOs expect to increase profitability through the use of new technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) within the next five years. According to these results, Industry 4.0 is being adopted far and wide. So, what do they know that you don’t? Advances in Technology are happening at a rapid pace, and it takes special attention to not only understand how new technology functions but also how it can actually help. Indeed, is it hype or help? From a CEO’s point of view, how new technology works is secondary to how adoption could impact the company and its bottom-line. What to consider before adopting Industry 4.0 Most investigations have shown there are…
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Becoming a Lean Office
How a marketing Kaizen can help revitalize sales All companies depend on sales. But, as with all things dynamic, sales can run in cycles. In fact, while there may be certain macroeconomic issues that impact sales cycles, many slumps in sales change as a result of the inner workings of a company. In fact, what may have worked before may no longer be effective. Indeed, this was the case with a Health and Welfare Benefits vendor. Rather than just accept a “normal” cyclical downturn in sales, the CEO decided to take a closer look. After hearing some grumbling coming out of the sales department, he decided to investigate. He wasn’t sure what the problems were, and he had hoped his Sales Manager would have let him know in their regular meetings. The CEO decided to have an outside expert come in and perform a review of the company rather than…
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What Is the Cost of Safety?

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What is the cost of Safety
What is the cost of Safety when it’s not the first priority Have you ever wondered if putting money into your organization’s safety policy was worth it? If so, you’re not alone. Many people think they can put safety off, until something happens, and then, they instantly regret their decision. One organization in particular made an investment in improving their safety and truly reaped the benefits. Their safety turnaround resulted in Zero Lost Time Incidents, One million safe hours…then, two million safe hours, An Iowa Safety Council Award, and A National Safety Council Award. Perhaps most importantly, the safety improvement even lead to a feature story on ABC prime time. (more…)
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Is “Consultant” a Dirty Word?
Rolodex In the mid 80s, I managed a Rolodex of about 500 clerical temps who labored at $5 to $7 an hour for Boston’s mega corporations. Each weekday morning, in a flurry of highly orchestrated phone and front office activity, I placed anywhere from 50 to 200 of these people in short- to long-term jobs. Each placement’s mission was to work hard, smart and effectively. To get it done! Mobile, Global, Digital Now, I help businesses, mega to mini, government agencies, and not-for-profits connect with one or more of the top Operational Excellence (OpEx), Business Process Re-engineering/Improvement (BPRI), Change Management and Lean practitioners in the world. Most of them have the word “consultant” in their title. When they are placed on contract, their mission is to work hard, smart and effectively. To get it done! Trailblazing and Building My 500 clerical balls of fire could most definitely tell their on-site supervisors…
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