Adaptable Business

Creating an Effective Work Environment in the time of COVID
The business climate remains nebulous. Lockdowns are ending and re-starting. COVID cases are rising, falling, steady, and everywhere in between. People remain confused, fearful, and unsure about what the future will bring for their families, their homes, and their loved ones. It’s never been more critical for leadership to step up as businesses begin to ramp up. How comfortable is your organization in the current climate? Are the goals and objectives for your team clear and understood? Especially during this time of uncertainty. Can the team count on their leaders to provide understanding and clarity to this very confusing and murky situation?  For a leader, and for the sake of the organization, it is imperative that these questions can be answered confidently. Even more so as we begin to ramp back up. Here are some key elements that every leader needs to consider to ensure their organization is set up…
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New Year New Business Changes
Things are definitely different and big changes are in the air. But do not despair We are about to close the book on 2019 and open up on 2020. Somehow, the symmetry of the number gives it a special feel. Indeed, all of us are quite aware that these are “special” times and just about anything seems possible; both good and bad. But life goes on and our species continues to be challenged by our own complexities. The following is a list of what a recent survey elicited from a random group of business leaders on what was felt to be the main concerns in order of priority.   Political changes   2020 promises to be an exciting year in global politics, from the impact of Brexit to the United States presidential potential impeachment and election in November. An uncertain political climate can often impact business, as it can lead…
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Organizational Behavior
I recently saw a TED talk where a well-known organizational behavior expert pushed my button. As a management consultant, his presentation made a lot of sense…not only for business but also for our complex, modern times. Yves Morieux rightly pointed out (in my opinion) that we are all drowning in complexity. His main contention is that we spend way too much time doing, undoing, redoing in isolation. Even with the marvelous new technologies, we seem to be less productive and much more unhappy with our jobs. Basically, our organizational behavior is broken. Morieux felt the reason why so many workers are becoming disengaged is their frustration with burdens of complexity and the lack of job satisfaction due mainly to the need for a new way of structuring how we do business.   Traditional management theory expounds that companies need structures that clearly define the departmentalization of processes with specific job…
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How to Find the Time to Become an Adaptive and Agile Organization
Change is a resource hog. It involves time, money, people, strategy, risk, leadership, training, courage, commitment and governance. Picture each of these as a big boulder, in a big pile, burying and crushing the life out of your mission to become an adaptive and agile organization. To transform your organization, you have to remove each of these boulders, one at a time, and soon the pile will be gone, the crushing weight lifted, and change can begin. Let’s start by removing the boulder that is labeled “I don’t have enough time to do this!” Start with a Simple Time Management Strategy Use a prioritizing matrix to determine elements that are essential for transforming your organization to an adaptive one; do this by: Determining five to ten qualities that are critical to the success of an action, i.e. Impact Value Do-ability Return on investment (ROI) Create a list of elements to…
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