Brunno Streamlines Process, Yields Big Results

September 24, 2019
Process Improvement - Construction Heavy Duty Equipment Company


MetaExpert Brunno employed his process improvement acumen to aid a construction heavy duty equipment company with inefficiencies in their paint shop production. The paint shop was experiencing a period of growth and needed to adjust operations to accommodate the increase in daily production with limited time and the existing shop-floor team. High level of diversity for the parts painted, using two colors.


Brunno carefully observed the paint shop process and initiated the following actions to increase productivity:

  • Reorganized layout of paint equipment.
  • Studied the best way to paint the parts in the paint booth, looking to match the color, the size, and the time spent to paint any one part. 
  • Mapped the flux of parts throughout the shift and streamlined their sequence. 
  • Brokedown paint sequence and elaborated on the process sheet.
  • Trained the paint shop operators regarding the new process. 
  • Increased shift by 1 hour to reach the production goals without hiring additional team members. 
  • Held periodic meetings with production supervision and shop floor team presenting the plans to reach established goals.


In the span of just one month, MetaExpert Brunno completely overhauled the paint shop operations for a construction heavy duty equipment company. Although changes in the process were seemingly small, the results are big! Brunno’s expertise in process improvement enabled the company to reach their goals and his efforts:

  • Increased paint shop output by nearly 50% by only extending each shift by 1 hour.
  • Saved power and material consumption by evaluating and streamlining sequence 
  • Avoided increased personnel spending.


The goal of this project was not to save on material or personnel expenses. Brunno’s mission was to reevaluate the process to accommodate for the increased demand for the paint shop. During the implementation week, results were immediately visible. The daily rate was consistently reached and the only expense incurred was 1 extra hour for each of the 4 employees in the paint shop. Thanks to Brunno’s innovative thinking, the construction heavy duty equipment company is now able to meet the needs of its customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Cara Chatellier

Cara Chatellier is a digital marketing strategist & content writer. She lives in the Boston area and has worked with MetaExperts since October 2018. She loves travel, wine tastings, and podcasts.

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