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Behavior Modification - What can we learn from our dogs
Many frustrated Human Resource professionals neglect to utilize the easiest and most effective techniques in managing behavior issues in the workplace: natural logical consequences. The premise is quite simple, but we often tend to ‘overthink’ ways to change undesirable behavior. Typically, the first choice is punishment. On the positive side, punishment is quick, easy and often effective in the short term. On the negative side, it is fear-based and almost always damages the relationship between employees and management. It breeds a toxic corporate culture and predisposes an employee to voluntarily terminate their relationship with the manager and the company. Behavior Modification from Feenix I learned another way of behavior modification from a behavior modification therapist many years ago. He was a dog trainer who assisted me in modifying the behavior of a beautiful, very smart and stubborn golden retriever named Feenix. Prior to meeting this gentleman, I was a punishment…
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