Guest Blog by MetaExpert Giusseppe Lovecchio: Achieving Supply Chain Operational Excellence by Unlocking the Great Potential In Every Organization

Achieving supply chain operational excellence is not an easy target, you need to combine a variety of different factors together; attitudes and competencies, robust processes, and the right technology are just the minimum requirements.

The most difficult obstacles I come across are related to the partial achievement of these three aspects, the most common relating to people, their attitudes, and competencies.

How to improve the competency of your staff? Measure their progress and motivate their behavior toward excellent performance.

Many programs and tools exist:

  • skill matrix,
  • gap analysis,
  • focused training programs for competence upgrade,
  • and so on.

The measurement of a higher set of competencies must then be correlated to the superior process performance in terms of output and throughput. A systemic approach helps to reach excellence, a set of proven tools and methods – with the right commitment of top management and superior consultancy performance – are the key to unlocking the great potential inside every organization.

MetaExperts are here to make it happen!

Additional Reading

Lean Six Sigma Supply Chain Procurement Strategies for Smaller Businesses, Ron Crabtree

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