How to Run a Successful Training Program
Many employees are working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Online training providers such as Udemy, EdX, Coursera, Shaw Academy, Allison, and others report record enrollment.  Employees clearly are interested in acquiring additional knowledge to further their skills and increase their promotion prospects.  The training topics include everything from how to become a better listener to pursuing a degree in Data Science.  Many of us want to learn and the avenues for doing so are greater and easier now than ever before.  Online training content continues to improve and is becoming cheaper in the process. Why do organizations continue to struggle to offer and deliver training that is meaningful to individuals and strategic to the organization? Why do training programs fail? Alignment of training initiatives to strategic objectives and metric/Key Process Indicator (KPI) performance,  Disassociation between training content and application in work,  Lack of Coaching or Mentoring follow-up,  Lack…
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How MetaExpert George Helped Increase Monthly Revenue
Situation An international aerospace company was far behind schedule with the Boeing 737 Max program to deliver Titanium Engine inner walls. MetaExpert George was brought onboard to reorganize and streamline production. The company needed help improving on their overall production operation. Actions:  MetaExpert George helped reorganize and reschedule the plant, suppliers, and personnel. A visual “run the business” board was developed to assist with keeping the team on track. Two fifteen-minute meetings were held with all value stream managers and outside stakeholders to assess successes and constraints. MetaExpert George helped create action plans on the spot to reduce the effects of production constraints.  Results:        Within four months, my group was not only on but ahead of schedule;       Each value stream and matrix departments understood where they were in the operations of the division;       Value stream managers had a vision of the…
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Plant a Tree to Grow Empowerment and Accountability
I know that look.  Something went Kabloo-ey and I’m going to hear about it. One of my direct report managers is standing in my doorway; I swear I can see smoke coming out of her ears.  She scheduled a 2-hour kick-off meeting – starting in a few hours – for a very important initiative that has executive management visibility.  In order to accommodate everyone’s calendars, she scheduled the meeting over lunch, and quite appropriately, planned to order pizza for the group.  And that’s where the trouble arose.  A couple of months prior, the organization decided expenses had to be trimmed; a directive was issued requiring a Request Form and CFO approval for all non-customer meals.  The form was submitted in advance, but then it sat – untouched and unsigned.  So, no pizza got ordered.  Hence, smoke-emanating-ears.  What should the manager do?  Hunt down the CFO – who was traveling –…
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6 Ways to Transform Culture Part 2
Don’t forget to check out 6 Ways to Transform Culture Part 1!  The difference between cultures that drain the energy from an organization and cultures which feed the energy and spirit of an organization can be what sets apart great organizations from average organizations. What’s the difference between these two types of organizations? What becomes so radically different in the Esprit de Corps that creates such a drastic difference in the workplace? These differences lie in the culture of the team. The makeup of how work gets done, how interactions between people happen, and how leadership fosters or hinders the latter over the former. The key to remember is the leader sets the tone and the tempo for not only how cultures perform but how they behave as well. Last month we discussed 3 cultural transformation behaviors that leaders can employ in their interactions to leave the team feeling energetic…
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7 Ways to Make Human Resources More Human
In many organizations, the Human Resource department is perceived either as the arresting officer, judge and jury; or, the lifeline, rescuer, and therapist. A quick search on HR job description confirms that none of these nouns are included in the job description of a human resources department. Whether your organization is large and you have separate departments to perform these functions, or it is small and 1 person performs many, know that this causes a great deal of stress on the human resource staff. It is not how a human resource department is designed to function, and it makes a huge difference to your company. The Seven Functions Talent Acquisition/Recruitment Compensation Management Benefits Administration Training and Development Performance Management and Appraisal Employee and Labor Relations Compliance Management Why Have HR? The purpose of employee relations is to strengthen the employer-employee relationship through identifying and resolving workplace issues; measuring employee satisfaction…
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